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Many displaced Puerto Ricans could be moved to U.S. mainland

Many residents with the wherewithal to leave have already departed Puerto Rico, which had a population of about 3.4 million in 2016. Florida Gov. Rick Scott said in a statement on Oct. 25 that since Oct. 3, more than 73,000 Puerto Ricans had arrived in the state through airports in Miami and Orlando and through the Port Everglades seaport.

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By 2016, about 3.38 million Puerto Ricans lived in the top 5 states, representing about 62% of all Puerto Ricans living on the U.S. mainland (the lower 48 states), Alaska, and Hawaii. The bottom panel of Table 1 shows the shares of the Puerto Rican population of total population and of the Hispanic population.

Tens of thousands of islanders left for the U.S. mainland to escape. may be possible. While Puerto Ricans have grown accustomed to severe weather and hardship, the extent of this storm’s.

But Puerto Ricans who fled to the mainland after the destruction face problems well beyond timing. Many of those Americans. health plan coverage area could be eligible for a special enrollment.

Puerto Ricans displaced by hurricane could be moved to US mainland Two of the people who spoke to HUD officials said using large commercial cruise liners had been suggested to move residents en masse.

Tens of thousands of islanders left for the U.S. mainland to escape. While Puerto Ricans have grown accustomed to severe weather and hardship, the extent of this storm’s devastation has been more.

The mainland had already. across the United States." As U.S. citizens, the evacuees have a legal right to move anywhere in the country. Many are bound for Florida, which is already home to more.

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Also, there are many non-Puerto Rican U.S. citizens settling in Puerto Rico, from the mainland united states and the U.S. Virgin Islands, as well as Nuyoricans (stateside Puerto Ricans) coming back to Puerto Rico. Most recent immigrants settle in and around San Juan. Emigration is a major part of contemporary Puerto Rican history.

A spokeswoman for the City of New York told AFP officials expected to see some 700 Puerto Ricans in homeless shelters going into the anniversary of the disaster. Government-sponsored, long-term shelter is not available to Puerto Ricans relocated to the mainland – an option offered to previous hurricane survivors on the continental US.

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